Aw3som3n3ss & the accusations

I’m getting really pissed seeing all these accusation and posts about aw3som3n3ss clogging up the whole Rust forum, could you guys just move on and talk about the game instead?

Off-topic: Want a pepsi?

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread" - postal))

I’m internet famous bro.
They love me.

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That’s a pepsi.

You know, the ´´Stop talking about XY, you’re clogging up the forums´´ never succeed in doing what the maker wants and simply adds to the clogging of discussions about XY.

Off-topic: Isn’t the guy in your animation drinking a pepsi? :v:
Edit: Dang nabbit, ninja’d. That is a pepsi, though.

You’re right… I could honestly care less about him right now. :smile:

Off-Topic: Pepsi beats Coca-Cola.