Hey facepunch. I completely forgot my old login, it’s been a few years. Not much has changed though, although there are definitely better releases these days than in 2007.
Anyways, here is a generic pose. It’s been a while since I’ve posed and for this one I didn’t photoshoop’ this one because I just want to see if this is still good in your guys’ eyes.
[Edit] Changed the angle, png now and less terrible quality. Also made it smaller :X How about now?

Anyways I’m going to release a new comic soon called: Intervention. It’s supposed to be a serious war comic and I plan to collaborate with a few artists and I hope you guys like it when it’s released.

Dude, that’s pretty sweet.

Looking forward to more!

Composition and angle are pretty off, and the jpeg quality is straight up awful. Posing is mediocre I guess but that’s really all I can say.

Yeah, I don’t know why it looks bad. It looked good on 16x AA in-game. I’ll use a different image host. As for composition and angling, I’ll work on that. Thanks.

It’s your host probably, so making it a .png isn’t necessary; just make it a 100-quality jpeg and host it somewhere that doesn’t suck (you’ll have to ask someone else where that might be, since I just host my pictures off my own FTP). Angle is still kinda boring, though there’s not really a lot going on anyway.

Sweet, I’ll post a new one up tomorrow and hopefully improve on everything that you specified. I appreciate the advice.

Hi, alt