Awate's mp_falldamage

(thanks drew)

Made on hockeyboi’s request.

reimplements the fall damage.

You may use mp_falldamage as a scale for how much fall damage to take.
1 = take normal damage
0 = take no damage
0.5 take half damage
2 = bones re made of glass
0.025 You can fall from the highest building in gm_bigcity and still have more then 25 life…


sorry about the last version ><

thats not new

:stuck_out_tongue: sorry. someone requested it so i did it.


and if you are talking about fallfix
Mine is more accurate and has more features.

powned, getting screenshot for it now

thanks drew :slight_smile:

I ended up making one myself but thanks for considering it :slight_smile:

Handy enough.

>< thanks for letting us know


uh… sorry about that last version. this version works better and is more intelligently designed…

I did in that thread :blush:


He did - And thats what I said in the thread, too. He had sorted it out.

And your V2 is entirely from foss, so shouldnt it be “Foss’ mp_falldamage”?

My first version used fosses fall damage calculations. It didnt work as i liked so i implemented my own from my gamemode. So no, the V2 is not foss’s, its entirely my own.

Right. Didnt see the first version, so ill take your word for it.