Awates unfinished stuff reuploaded

For some reason it was removed. here it is again.
please leave this thread open to discuss the stuff included in this mod.
this is not a goodbye thread. this thread is to discuss the stuff included here and to ask questions about it.

if this is removed again i will upload it elsewhere.

once again my steam ID is awatemonosan.

i hope someone out there picks up what i left behind here.

ill check in on this thread occasionally to ask questions.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - mahalis))

first and what does this include?

(User was banned for this post ("First" - mahalis))

"If this is your file, don’t waste your time editing the description to say the file is safe, if you do your file will be automatically deleted when it gets checked. "

thats why it was deleted.

everything of mine, finished or not.
as i said in my other thread i am leaving the gmod lua community but i think everyone deserves to play with everything of mine.

it contains:
a new incomplete version of my grab mod
the old working (ish) version of my bot
a new partialy complete version of my bot
a couple of gamemodes
a couple of unfinished addons
My zapper that people complained about >.>

in general a bunch of crap (hence the name)



thanks for re-uploading. Some of this stuff looks pretty fun.

It will suck not seeing you making anything else for GMod. Best of luck and all that jazz.

How the fuck is this wrong section. This is in releases. This is a release.

This was moved.


wow, mahalis banned him for being in the wrong section, after mahalis moved it here…

Uh, no.

>:/ . I’d say lua releases is the WRONG section, not right…




stop talkin about weither or not i was banned for good reason, it dont matter. if anyone has any questions or wants to take on any of these discuss that here.


I asked him to do this for me while i was banned, this is a legit link and its exactly the same as the one on

Which is now removed again.

he did that to me to.

Yeah I’m so mean aren’t I

what is with this stuff getting reported?

Nope. Actually you’re one of my favorite lua coders.

How DO people report that shit anyway?

A javascript function.


In the url box.

Thanks for the stuff. Been looking everywhere for the Zapper.