Awesomazingest idea ever! Gravity wells and stuff.

So I’m a huge fan of Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2. I was wondering if no one had made these weapons/entities yet, I was wanting to be able to shoot some biotic like power stuff just like in ME2 (push, pull, shock wave, field, Etc)

When I say push/pull, I mean relative to the hit point, not you as the player, JUST like in Mass Effect 2, and field as in if something goes through it, the gravity turns off for that object and npcs would turn into a ragdoll (but not dead), and after a time would turn into regular npcs again and then fall to the ground.

Create proximity (if things get too close) gravity wells (sucks objects, ragdolls, and option to maybe suck players as well without acting like a black hole and them disappearing, because I have those already)

Anyway, I know it’s a lot, but again, just a request for when gmod gets working again AND if you want to be awesome like that and help a guy out.
I am also trying to get the basics in LUA so I can at least edit some of my own stuff, but for now I’m still trying to learn more HTML for school.

Well it turn out that wiremod has tools for this. But obviously I have no idea how to make a weapon with wire yet. Anyway, it’s still a legit request as it being a weapon would still be useful and way less bulky than having a wire contraption.

^ Expression 2 ftw.

I’m still in the novice stages of wire. E2 will probably have to wait a little longer for me. Anyway, I got most of these things to work in wire, but again, it being a “weapon” type would make it easier than dealing with a big bulky wire setup.