AWESOME ADVENTURE - Ronald and the Unkown! (LET'S DO THIS)

Woke up in some odd, dark place. The stench of fecal matter fills the musky air and grunts of agonizing terror can be heard here. Some loud, droning bass shakes the floor. It’s coming from somewhere outside of this room.

I feel uneasy. I heard another grunt behind me. I’m agitated. I can’t see a damn thing. I think I might have crapped my pants while I was passed out!

I’m not entirely what I should be doing.

Kick open the toilet door and beat the shit out of the guy taking a dump, He might have stuff of value!

“Wh- what the fuck are you doing? Leave me alone, weird-ass!”

En-garde, motherfucker!

I’m pretty sure I killed him. He kept yelling about being a pacifist and something about his heathen god. I can’t see what I’m doing, but he stopped kicking so I’m pretty sure he’s a goner. There’s no way I can check to see what’s in his pockets at the moment. I’m too scared to check, because I might touch his dick. That’d totally be out of my job description.

So, uh, now that I killed somebody, what do I do now?

Eat the take-out carton and then wash your hands. You ARE in the bathroom.

get out of the bathroom and go on a killing spree useing YOUR FISTS!!!

Doesn’t this count as an interactive comic? Meaning it goes into the comic section?


lol yeah what santz said

Oh, God! Not another mask! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON

Dance. Quick!

Rob the place!

Now that you can see, go loot the body.

I agree with exhale77, dancing is the best solution for your problem

you must dance, then the sheer awesomeness of it will break the wall down



You have almost reached 1337 posts :slight_smile:


Uh-oh… I think I angered the gods and fused the dimensions! I’m being warped! Egads! Oh, hey, look, Chinese!

“What are you doing here? How did you get in to my bondage chamber!”

She looks pretty frustrated.

What do I do now?

bone her

I don’t have any bones.

it will make her help you


have sex with her

Poke her