Awesome CS:s Deathmatch in gmod :D

stuff that used to be here :3

Download all the MW2 Sweps code those in… Instant profit.
All the kiddies will want to play.
Trust me,
Coder god.

Also: Call your gamemode : Call of Gmod: Physics Warfare 3

Also again: I’m not bashing your gamemode xD I’m just bein funny. Good work though! Keep up the good work. I’ll play it later today and post what I think.


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thats what i thought when i read your idea

:'8 hurts my damn feelings -.- and WHY?

What about pictures? Better explained features? What exactly is the point of this thread in the first place, you provide a beta link (Which is actually a Alpha build btw) but on the other hand you are also asking for people to help you?

…well my idea was to get help and spread the gamemode and idk i was bored -.- soo i made a thread and a gamemode :3

Please stop with the faces, and please use proper grammar.

But he is so desu kawaii~~~ catface

You are all assholes, kay?

He put a thanks there for me coding him a killstreak example, but after I rated his post dumb because the gamemode is dumb, he replaced it with “NO”.

Wasn’t downloading this from the start, now I won’t even download it if I get amnesia, fuck my name, that’s going to be the only thing I will try to remember.

Jokes aside, learn how to code a gamemode and use proper grammar before you even think of posting any more gamemodes.

why is the gamemode dumb? and sorry for my grammer english is not my first language.

welcome to facepunch señor


go play cod

Neither is mine but I went to an English class.

But this gamemode is dumb because you seem to have used a few features from COD, a game where Facepunch has a bandwagon for hating, and well if you are not paying anyone to do these things for you so it will never happen. And pretty much your English sucks so no one takes you seriously.

ok i get it im new at facepunch so you hate cod ? me 2 i love battlefield more but i guess thats hated too ?

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and with killstreaks im not talking like a airplane flies over the map and bombs everyone more like i said a awesome trail which i cant figure out how to make

Something can’t be awesome if you don’t even know how to make it.

OH GOD. Don’t bring in that BF3 vs MW3 war. I’ve had enough of that shit on Youtube. Don’t bring it here.

how do i delete all my threads ?

You can’t

You have to ask a mod to do it, but then they see your bad threads too so either way you look pretty bad.