Awesome Engineer:2.0h shit!

i wanted to add the first Awesome Engineer i made,but SEARCH IS DISABLED…
seriously,wtf is wrong with the search function?

huh,C&C please?

Search is disabled. Garry has yet to put up a slave server.

Anyway, the smoke looks odd and his left hand looks wonky. Also, is that a new hat?

well,it’s a custom hat that has been hexed by Jason278

Reading the title I thought it was going to be a troll pic or just plain bad. I was wrong, so very wrong. Have a palette in my apologies.

I like the extended mag. It makes me want the frontier justice to be a lever action rifle like I thought it was the first time I saw it on a promo.

Too bad it’s just a shotgun reskin with half the capacity and less damage :crying:

Anyway this is cool…though I didn’t really get into the TF2 story, I enjoy some of these characterizations people make. Only crit would be the smoke, it’s too blurry and bright.


The engineer’s left wrist is also broken. I hope the medic can heal him :smith:

Wrists can turn like that, it’s just ridiculously uncomfortable.

Wrist bones are not designed to rotate. Hold your arm out with your palm facing down, and turn your palm upwards, but make sure you keep your forearm completely still. Can’t do it. The wrist actually rotates near the elbow, torquing the length of the forearm. The wrist can not rotate enough to reproduce that pose.

To hold the gun right you would have to have the hand supporting the grip differently. Less of a “resting deep in the palm” and more of a “base of the fingers” grip, also the hand doesn’t have to be aligned perfectly with the grip…let me dig up some pics cause it’s hard to explain…

Not exactly like that with the index finger but you get my point I hope.

or possibly like our mullet-clad friend here, with a “base of the fingers” grip.

Although he is holding it across his body and not aiming from the hip

or our like good friend who was tired of taking shit from the red belts and brought a shotgun to karate class

It’s hard to see but he is using the “base of the fingers” grip

Or maybe use a stance like our well camouflaged friend here. You may have to squint, as he blends in well.

that stance is called “kentucky carry” and only badasses are allowed to use it, so I’m hoping your engineer will put it to good use (I’m just kidding of course you don’t have to use it and it’s not only restricted to badasses, it is an equal opportunity weapon stance thanks to the decision by the supreme court to overturn the law back in 1976)

PGO stands for “pistol grip only”, talking about shotguns that aren’t avaliable with stocks

Still though this pose is cool.

Shit R M, Ever since you Came here (came back?) everything just got so very informative.

The Engi kind of reminds me of a Warhammer 40k Ork engi. He definitely looks like the kind of guy you don’t want to fuck with.

BTW 1 useful for the guy above me.

Thank ya

yeah i’m having troubles posing the forehand,since ragdolls have a tendency to be stiff as fuck,even with better phys fixes