Awesome game!! but..

Hi all, Im just posting to say i absolutely love this game and think its gonna be pretty awesome when its finished. I have one complaint, I have been playing for about 40 hours on the same server, got to know the other players through chat and admin. PvP was on but it was a chilled server. Admin had showed me their base in a cave with endless amounts of armored walls/doors. Very cool! Long story short, i returned back to base to find it had been raided, no problems there as thats the fun part i understand. But went upstairs and the admin shot me. Now, i really dont find that fair at all. i spoke to the admin who said hes paid for the game like everyone else so should be allowed to play it like them too. Surely if admin can teleport, fly, destroy things and have endless amounts of supplies or whatever godlike powers they have, then this is highly unfair that they are allowed to raid us on the same server they are admin for…??? I havent named the admin because im pretty sure im not allowed. If this is allowed then how is it fair? they havent used their admin powers to get in. Not cool at all.


Whenever there’s power there’s abuse

yeah, your right. i just figured that he couldnt physically prove he raided me legitimately by collecting his own resources and not using admin powers therefore making it highly unfair. surely admins shouldnt be able to raid on their own servers? wasted nearlly 40 hours of my life on that server now lol!! Love the game though and this wont stop me playing in any way. it just seems so unfair.


Unfortunately they can do whatever they like, it sucks and it’s unfair but it’s how it goes it’s there sever so can’t really tell them otherwise. My advice would be to find a decent community sever there’s quite a few severs with great admins I’ve personally found that the moded severs have more dicks on them.

I’m an admin on my own server (UK) and I really don’t understand why people abuse the admin rights. The fun for me is in actually playing the game, and the rush you get when you find something. If you can just give it to yourself with no work, so no reward, what’s the point?.

I had the same issue as you. Admins who abuse the powers are just as bad as hackers and cheats in my eyes. That’s why I set up my own server, because I now know that there is no admin abuse.

Thanks for the reply bud. yeah ill do that, this was on a community server but i just guess its about finding the right admin as you say. It is a shame. Guess ill keep searching hah!.

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Ah really? yeah i totally agree. Definitely just as bad as hackers. Very unfair!


I’m on a really nice UK sever its low-mid Pop and the people are fairly nice I can give you the ip if you want?

Bit of a shameless plug, but if anyone wants to join me you are more than welcome. The server is about a week old, and it averages about 10 people online in the evenings. More at the weekends.

Funny, my first cracked((!)) server admins were cool. I moved near radtown, and they were also playing there also, giving me chickens. They were cool, as they were playing normally, though my house was in their sight, and they shot on me, if I crossed the road between us.

One thing I hate, is admin abuse. There will come people who say “go to other server”, and “he completely has right to do that blablabla”. TRUE, but it is fkin unethical, and these servers should be excommunicated publicly.

That’d be great bud if you could!

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I had that too man, my first server i tried the admin were great!! they definitely need to do something about the admins abusing powers though. ruining it for people trying to play the game properly!!


Community servers are much better than official, especially when their monitored (few hackers), but of course more prone to admin abuse. Try to find a server that advertises itself with active admin, but don’t play one their own server.

I now play on Rustopia |EU/UK| and can’t rate it high enough. Admin are legends. They have a US server too if you’re over the water.

And they live in Iceland to have good ping on both of their servers? :smiley: it’s called "London[6k map]

Thanks bud ill check it out, im in UK so sounds good! This server was active admin with his name in the title of the server itself. Lollo.

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They make me prouder for each day :,)

I own my server and I never play aggressively and attack other players bases, however if someone comes near my legitimately built base I will not hesitate to open fire.

Unfortunately, OP, it’s the server admin’s house and they can do what they want. Some are morons like that. There are a number of different sites that list Rust servers, and they rank them according to different criteria (some are pure player stats, some are reputation-based, etc.). A web search should turn up a bunch on the first page of results for you.

You keep going out of your way to talk about how you pirated Rust before you bought it, but I don’t understand why. :v:

Abusive admins create a competition that starves their own server of players, they will simply migrate to other less horrible servers.

Now if “DONATE AND GET SUPERPOWERS” shit like what happens in minecraft was forbidden in a sort of EULA or something, that would be nice.

I totally agree. But I don’t think you should hold information back. Tell us what server it is and who the admin was so we can avoid that shithole.

Mentioned it 2 times. Rust wont collapse. But true, I wont mention pirate or ceack before every old memory I hava got in rust. Xd