Awesome Idea

Hello guys, if I have posted this in the wrong section, please correct me. I am new to facepunch.

Hi, I am Maverick or Tannicmonster52 on steam. I have a great idea for my DarkRP server. I would like to make a buy able entity that would come out as a box, but one you pressed “E” on it, it would change your player model. I was planning on using this for citizens so they could go to a store, be sold this crate, and wear a type of suit (PayDay 2 model, combine model, anything that covered the face and looked like they just put on a new set of clothes), but I have no earthly idea on where to start. I am very spotty with lua, but I am patient enough to be learn and be taught. If there is anyone who could help me script this and help me learn lua, I give you the permission to add it into your server and anyone else who would like to use this. My skype is maverick_may with a screen name of Fundy May. I am not asking you to do all the work yourself, but I am allowing you to use the idea for personal use.

BTW: I don’t want to use the pointshop because I would like my players to have a unique feeling about the server, if you have any questions or comments please do so below.

I’ve added you on steam, my name is Flavoured i think i could give this a go