Awesome Lightsaber Combat

This looks really nice, well done! I can foresee a star wars gamemode in the future similar to one such as SWTOR.

nice job

I’m so tempted, please. dmca can’t touch my servers in South africa, Russia etc.

Thats pretty pathetic to use the DMCA system like it…

You cant hurt me!! I’m protected by Norton!

If you don’t use this addon on your servers you will be DMCA’d.

Edited that fix, the DMCA crap is so that people dont… steal the work I’ve done to… make money from… my work?
Modifying the terms to prohibit servers with any form of paywall/donation system.

Dmca won’t protect jack shit it should just be used as a last resort after trying to contact the offender and not being able to reach an agreement. You’re abusing the system and letting people think it’s ok to do so.

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Oh yea and you didn’t make the animations in the first place so claiming them as your own “work” is hypocritical of you.

You are using models from another game and animations from another game and you are claiming them as your own? lol?

The least you can do is protect the code but nothing else

You didn’t even make these and you’re trying to copyright them. Get real dude.

Americans and their DMCA crap :smiley: You can’t touch us Europeans.

DMCA isn’t valid outside the United States, every country has a different form required.

Also, publicly releasing them then saying no one can use them is, to put it bluntly, retarded. As long as they give you credit then it shouldn’t matter, then again you didn’t have to do much work so the credit is due to the ones who made the animations and models.

You could get fucked and lose hardcore in a court case because of this.

I think you’d get fucked and lose hardcore before it got to court. Not to mention holy jesus the complexities of international copyright unless OP wants to pay thousands for a team of ninjalawyers he’d be gangraped by court.

I just downloaded this, nowhere in any of these files do you give credit to those that ported the models over, or the models original creators. Before you start swinging words of the law around and making yourself look like a jackass I suggest you follow copyright laws as well.

Think about it like this: Someone cooks a nice steak, you then took it and added some (insert favorite side dish here), that you didn’t make either, to make it better. You then said no one is allowed to eat this steak, all the while ignoring the major contributions of the cooks.

If something isn’t yours, dont claim it as yours but I guess this little comic applies here:

He changed it XD.

So tell me, how are we supposed to run servers if we can’t accept donations? Not all of us have rich parents that can pay for all of our stuff. You still have no legal right to call these models yours or prevent people from using them.

Just checked his forums out. He removed the XenForo copyright and watermark from the footer, which is illegal.

He also evidently can’t come up with original server ideas if he has 5 MilitaryRP servers running and then a VietnamRP and ClonewarsRP. Thats 7 war themed servers. Congrats you win the least amount of originality award. Also calling yourself the “The BEST Garry’s Mod Gaming Community” is extremely self-obsessed. You can’t determine you’re the best gaming community, its up to your players.

Considering the OP banned me off his communities teamspeak when I raised concerns about his servers only goes to show that he doesn’t really care about what anyone else thinks.

I don’t suppose you made all of the aforementioned content from scratch. The fact that you’re asking for $50 dollars leads me to believe that you’re doing this moreso for the profit than actual server upkeep. You have no right to even try and “protect” your content considering you’re already making money off of plenty of other peoples hard work.