Awesome Map Request

I had an idea for a map one day, so I decided to see if I could spark some ideas in others by posting this here. I have a mac so I can not create Maps, but others can…

It came to me that every TTT server really enjoys elevators in maps, so why not create a map just for elevator interaction?
So I decided: ttt_theelevators

It would be a building. The spawn area would be on the ground in front of the building, and have a few guns and stuff. The entrance looks like a normal entrance to any hotel: A desk, a computer, some plants, decorations, suitcases, and two elevators. The hotel has 12 floors including a basement and a roof. The elevators would have working buttons. There would be a few interesting floors, all enterable. Most floors would be normal rooms with windows and normal household essentials, but some rooms would be weird, or themed, like a floor that looks like something from Amnesia The Dark Descent, where a traitor in the traitor room can release a Grunt NPC to kill the innocents, or a Portal styled room with a spike Traitor Trap, or a Minecraft floor where lava slowly floods the room and empties later. You get the idea, it’s a hotel with different rooms. Each floor has a button to call the elevator. If the elevator is going to a higher level than the one being called, it will stop at that floor, and continue to the original floor that has been called to (an elevator at floor 3 going to floor 9 when called to floor 6 will stop at floor 6 and proceed to floor 9). The roof is just a roof…

Like I said, every room has a window. The elevators have 13 buttons. There are 10 normal floors (digits 1-10), 1 roof ®, 1 traitor room (Red button, only traitors can press), and 1 detective room (Blue Button, only detectives can use). Including this, there is a youtube video player built into the elevator! HOLY ****! The floor needs to have a certain collision, so bodies can not fall through it.

The traitor room is a room with many buttons and TV’s. The TV’s are surveillance cameras for every floor, with corresponding room numbers on top. The buttons under each TV deploys the trap in that certain room. The traitors would be shown on the TV to other traitors, so they don’t deploy the trap on them.

The Detective room is new. The button costs two credits to press, so it’s not free. It’s a room with surveillance cameras again, but also with some of the default detective weapons on a shelf.

I bet this would be the best TTT map ever if at least some of this was created. Thank you for reading, I hope this isn’t physically impossible, and I hope to see it someday! :v:

You missed the Awesome Map Request section

Some of it doesn’t fit in with mapping. Plus npcs would get in the way of people, and detectives would hear shooting and would try to go near it.

What npc’s? The One simple NPC in the whole map?

So, elevator source…except you can enter the rooms and made to work with TTT.

Sounds fun, actually. Except the mappers of elevator: source were absolutely astounding with their creativity. It’d be difficult to replicate.

The other hard part is the custom textures for stuff like an amnesia styled room.


It has a good idea to it, but would take a while to do, and would have to be optimized a lot, since you want 13 rooms all with windows. That means not only is the entire building enterable, but there’s a 3d skybox that needs to look good from all floors.

Why not plains?

Because the higher you are, the further you can see…it’s a fact of life. Source has limits.

You could have some kind of city skybox with some buildings taller than the hotel so that rendering is broken up a bit.

Also, on a highly similar note:

Not a bad idea

Who the fuck is marking all my posts as “Dumb”?

I guess ~ZOMG and TCB are just fucking trolls that need to get off facepunch.

Dare i say that perhaps you should be thinking about doing the same thing?

You must be new here.

Or maybe you’re dumb, small fry?

Lay off, all of you. He didn’t do anything severely wrong. Sure, he posted in the wrong section, and maybe he jumped the gun on this whole thing, seeing as he isn’t going to make this map himself and this is basically just an “ideas” thread, but you don’t have to act like that to him. It’s getting a little annoying with how everyone seems to treat new people who aren’t familiar with this section, and rather than a warm welcome, they get hate and troll responses. There are however, people who do deserve being hated, as in the ones who don’t learn, rage randomly, make a crappy map and refuse to learn and think they are the best, etc., but remembermekid isn’t doing any of that.

Besides, his idea on just having it being plains isn’t dumb at all. Sure, it wouldn’t look fantastic, but it’s SOMETHING. I think he want’s more functionality in the actual map than looks on the outside.

I dislike him because he comes off as incredibly arrogant.

He says that even if it’s not executed fully, it will still surpass any other TTT maps. He’s a tool.

I don’t see him as arrogant, just a little eager. Also, while that second quote of him isn’t really the best, it has a bit of merit to it. Sure, it wouldn’t be the best if it wasn’t finished, but it DOES have potential to be one of the best if executed properly. Cut the guy some slack, it’s not like he’s demanding anything, acting childish, flaming, or being a jerk to everyone. He’s just a little excited because he thought of a good idea for a map and wanted to share it in hopes someone would be interested in making that idea a reality.

In my opinion, such an attitude deserves at least a little bit of hate, and if he can’t take being rated dumb, this sure as hell isn’t the place to go. He should - do I dare say this - learn from Stiffy!

EDIT: Oh, and we sure can be nice to newcomers -

Beside, this dude is technically not even new. He dates back to october 2011, and even though he doesn’t have a whole lot of posts, he may read like every single thread. At least for all we know.

I have to agree with Paul. Just because he’s unfamiliar with the customs of the section (and a little overconfident) doesn’t mean that we should try to force him out of the forums after 1 day. If he turns out to be an arrogant gm_ghosthunt, then gather the pitchforks, but I’d give him a chance until then. It’s still your right to hate him or like him, though, so I’m not really in a position to make my opinion fact.