awesome new gaming community!

Hey guys, My friends and I have put together a gaming community focused on the survival genre, games like Rust and Dayz. Our community is called SnipeZ. We also may play garrys mod, arma 2, and left 4 dead 2- depending on if people want to play these.
Just click this link to sign up through enjin and get started. .Just sign up and we will invite you to our steam group .So far we only have 10 members and are setting up a Dayz epoch server for arma 2. If we get enough people we will also start a rust server and a dayz standalone one as well.Also donators get put on a list to be chosen as moderators of servers as well as pay to keep them running. Hope to see you soon. :slight_smile:

PS: you are allowed a to sign up despite how many hours you have played rust or dayz, we just want to have fun!

You should check that link…

Anyway best of luck to you!

If your interested, our clan has a dayz division in it. Its new so I’m sure if your up for it you could have a big role in that.

Skype is tduvyt

yah sorry about that it has already been fixed XD. thank you!

Link is fixed, and we have a DayZ clan of our own. But if you like, your clan can join the community, and play on our server when it’s up.