Awesome police cruiser hovercraft from the year 4035 AD (that's the future)

Me and Uberslug have been making this space map:

As you can see, it is in dire need of police cars. So I drew one:

Then I modeled it:

It looks pretty sweet (mostly) but I still have to put some other stuff on it, like the bad ass bumpers and the cool jet engine on the bottom and the rad police lights and guns.

And make the interior, that is important too.

Looks pretty ace so far, what will they do like float around or what?

They’re gonna float like a motherfucker.


They’re gonna float the fuck out of this bitch.

Looks good so far.

Looks awesome.


Nice. Does the map use portal textures?

is the model going to be hollow? like one guy drives it but you can open the doors and put people in?

I like the design of the car, it looks functional n stuff.

that’s p cool mang

They look like they’re floating the fuck out of that bitch. Have an art.

The map and the car look fucking sexy.

Finally, some decent Blade Runner-esqe stuff! I love the design of the police car and the map looks like it’s gonna be sexy (will it be a city?) Will you be doing some civilian hovercars as well or is it just the police cruiser?

Looks a bit like the police car from demolition man.

Hell yes! Now we need the actual Syd Mead-style Police Spinners!

I always liked the idea of these. This site has a very large design drawing from Syd Mean himself, so I thought it might be helpful.

The map looks great. Model is nice too.

needs more curves.

also have the front windshield retract down

The map looks so fucking cool

i think i just fell in love wid a map :3

That thing was badass.