Awesome rust moment! :D

I was running around, tried to find some trouble till i found it :smiley:

This thread seems a bit…pointless?

So this isn’t place for rust where you can share and talk about your moments in rust to show how cool this game can be, for users that has yet no access into game?

Go to Rust General chat for that stuff. Don’t make a new thread in my opinion.

Skills. Those guys didn’t know what hit em’!

No, pretty sure a forum for a game in alpha is meant to be used for feedback.

Fun to watch, in the future if I encounter her. Il slowly back off.

Oi, staff(dev?).

Tell the Garry to add balcony, fences and ladders for the buildings in the future!

Also stone variants of buildings building blocks. Thx!

You were sitting at a popular place where people unstick to, but nonetheless congrats on killing me :D.

you shot like 30 bullets to kill a dude with a hatchet.

He just killed 3 other guys and someone comes up behind him, i’m sure he was panicking. He performed pretty damn well I’d say.

Don’t care if this isn’t the right place to post a video, it is better than all the mexicans begging for rust keys. Pretty awesome video too, sure we can find it in our sperglord hearts to forgive him for his horrific crimes.