Awesome S&Box - A collection of open-source S&Box projects

Hello, I’ve just created a GitHub repo containing a list of open-source S&Box projects that I could find. This list should help new developers figure out how to do stuff in S&Box by either looking at the source code or using parts of existing games or libraries. If you have or know of any open-source S&Box projects, please create a PR to this repository. They don’t have to be code, assets are fine too as long as the original project files are included.
Here’s a link to the repository:

Also an image in case you don’t want to click the link




Maybe check this here out:


A lot of these projects are not open-source, the point of this repo is for people to learn on existing code or contribute to it


In general I’m not a huge fan of these kinds of lists but I do like the idea of trying to catalog open-source projects that actually exist, since most of the gamemode threads here are thinly veiled attempts to beg for keys.

I made a PR for sbox-voxel.

I’ll make a PR for Hatsune Miku Compatibility System if and when I make more progress on it. It is currently the furthest possible thing from “working”.


I just wanted to point you to a source with gamemodes which might be open source. Didnt want to criticize your list ^^

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