Darkx’s PVP Server!

No sleepers/instacraft/airdrops/starter kits.

The server used to run about 70 strong every night, and now sits around 15-25 people because there was a render bug that lasted about 2 days, and ppl never came back. This server is my favorite so far because of the money system, if you kill a zombie you get $10, $5000 can purchase your own airdrop, or you can buy wood or stones or metal if needed. When they wipe the map, they do not wipe inventories or what you’ve learned, and the admins give out 250 planks to people that were on the server before the wipe to start to rebuild. Its a great server, you guys should try it out. If you need any help starting up, msg me in game, its the same as this name, gorewrath. Hopefully ill see u guys soon!

Its a really great server if you hate having to re-learn everything after every wipe, or if you hate being on servers that wipe every other day, because that shit doesn’t happen on this server. Its awesome.

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Yeah, I’m real sure that was the reason…

it was, the server was about 70+ people everyday for 2 weeks, then the update happened which lead to a render bug, and it went down to about 10-15 ppl a day once it was fixed.

the concept sounds terrible

thats what happened though. I’ve been on everyday for 3 weeks, except for the 2 days where there was the bug. When it got back online, everyone had switched servers. I can’t see any other reason for why it lost all of the players. It can’t be because of KoS or camping noobs because the admins help out the noobs and try to protect them till they’re on there feet.

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theres also an admin on for most of the day, usually just mornings when there isnt one on.

hmm seems op…500 zombies and you can get an airdrop?May sem like alot but rly its not

It is if you keep dying. TBh, i hated the concept at first. But its awesome when theres like 5 airdrops happening and you can go steal it, so its not as easy to keep it as it is to get it.