Awesome Strike: Source

Awesome Strike: Source, or AS:S for short is my personal take on tacticool shooters and multiplayer action games in general. It brings together what I feel is the best about each action sub-genre in to one complete multiplayer package. Very fast paced, high skill ceiling, but also easy to pick up and play. It has a variety of unique weapons (you can carry up to 3), skills (you can use one at time), and special moves such as wall running, wall jumping, sprinting, dodging, power sliding, etc. This version is fully working with gmod13.

With GMod’s server list pretty much exclusively being clogged by roleplay gamemodes, I’ve decided to go ahead and release this one to hopefully add some flavor back in to GMod. It was originally coded in about 2009, then merged in to another gamemode before recently being completely rewritten from scratch. The first version was generally laggy and a huge mess. This one is much more polished. Everything is predicted, it uses the animations API and just feels, looks, and plays great now.



Workshop (not working for server hosting due to gmod bug, use the SVN)


These videos are old.

Defusal - de_spirits
Shows off the defusal game type. I was using the Defender, Awesome Rifle, Seizure Grenade, and Grapple Chain.

Death Tag - fy_skystep
This one shows you how the gamemode plays in a larger map while in the basic Death Tag game type. Shows off plenty of acrobatics and long-range weapons, especially the Awesome Rifle. The map theme is inspired from a GunZ map and yes you can wall run as well as “butterfly” to climb walls in this. The other videos will show off some of the more tactical skills and weapons, this one is mainly about the Awesome Rifle and acrobatics.



You can view a bunch here:
The ones in the subfolders are pretty old.


  • Over-the-top version of Counter-Strike: Source and similar games. Ever wish you could kick a person in to an abyss while they’re having a seizure? Use the “butterfly” technique from GunZ to climb walls in CS:S maps? Remotely control a bullet to kill people camping around corners? Well even if you didn’t, now you can!
  • Physical bullets. They take time to travel, can bounce off of walls, and be deflected back with Force Shield. Some can even be controlled.
  • No boring pre-set classes. Pick your weapons and skills.
  • Tons of generic as well as over-the-top and wacky weapons. Even the basic bullet spitters are made interesting because all bullets are physical and take enough time to travel that you can actively dodge them. Forget flashbangs, have a grenade that gives people seizures or knocks them down and throws them halfway across the map. Boring knife fights are a thing of the past because you can not only throw them but zip around like a lunatic by using dodge cancels.
  • Kung-fu / unarmed melee system. Currently just punching and kicking but damage is based on velocity and I plan to add in more advanced stuff such as different kicks / punches as well as grappling moves.
  • Knock down system. Get hit with too much force and it sends you flying as well as visibly knocking you down. You get back up automatically after hitting the ground.
  • Tons of different skills. Everything from a passive 15 HP bonus, to a skill that lets you reflect bullets, to a skill that lets you mark and recall, to a skill that bends light to turn you almost invisible. An energy meter that regenerates over time is present for active skills.
  • Smart Targeting skill and Smart Rifle weapon ease new players in to the whole physical bullet fiasco. Aim where you would in any other hitscan-based FPS and these will automatically aim where your target will be when the bullet gets there. Opponents can still dodge the bullets, this is just a targetting system.
  • Hit combo counter lets you know just how much ass you’re kicking. Even has ranks (5 = Good!, 10 = Great!, etc.).
  • Skill shots. Game will detect when you pull off amazing stuff and award you additional points as well as tell everyone else about it in the death notices area. Bonuses include basic stuff like double kills to more advanced stuff like killing people while running on a wall, sliding, coming out of invisibility, killing someone quickly, killing them while they’re in the air, etc.
  • Players are rewarded for kill streaks and win streaks as well as breaking a person’s kill streak. Players on a 5 kill or 5 win streak will receive double points. Killing someone on a kill streak gets you bounty points depending on what their streak was.
  • Players are even further awarded for doing well because they receive health restoration from points.
  • Automatic team balancing when teams become uneven, either in actual player numbers or if one team is being steamrolled.
  • Respawning and reviving. Forget watching other people play. We have spectator for that. Don’t want to even wait to respawn? Team members can revive you on the spot as well as heal you with the Healing Ray.
  • Weapons must be reloaded but players have infinite ammunition. Grenades and other one-use items work on a cool down system instead of having to get more in equipment zones.
  • Beacons let you know exactly where key objectives are.
  • Real, physical wall running. Even supports moving objects and cylindrical running.
  • Wall jumping and concequently, butterfly climbing. Also you can wall jump off of other players to throw them back if you’re skillful enough.
  • Dodging. When strafing just isn’t quick enough.
  • Power sliding (like Hitman but if your ass was covered in oil). Not only can you push other players with this, you can push props in to enemies and even blow doors off of their hinges.
  • Weapon and skill selection saved by convars so you don’t have to repick things.
  • Works with almost all original and custom CS:S maps. No need to make new ones.
  • Built-in radio lets you play popular Internet radio stations with assorted genres.
  • “Status” hook system that allows new things to be added very quickly and be smoothly predicted on the client(using DT variables on players and something like Player.CallStatusHook(“Move”, mv)). All special moves, skill effects, etc. use this system so it plays smoothly even with sub-par ping.


Hostage Rescue
Pretty much the same as CS:S but with a few key differences. First of all, hostages are now masochists. They love pain! Hit them as much as you want, you can’t kill them. In fact, people on the CT team can pick them up and swing them around as a bashing weapon. Don’t have too much fun doing that though, the goal is still to rescue these guys. Players on CT need to pick them up and carry them to a rescue zone. Players on the T side need to stop this at all costs. Hostages must be picked up to be moved, they won’t listen to a word you say!

This is entirely different than the CS:S version. All bomb sites have been replaced with capture zones. Capture a bomb site by standing in it for 15 seconds. If you leave then the progress is reset. Your team will win if you hold all bomb sites for 60 seconds.

Capture the Flag
What team-based game would be complete without it? Press USE on the enemy flag to pick it up. You must then touch your own flag while it is in your base. If a flag is dropped then it returns to base after 30 seconds. You can’t manually return your own flag and OF COURSE, flags can be used as weapons.

Death Tag
This is your basic death match with a twist. The goal is to tag every member of the enemy team. To do this you simply have to kill them once. Once every person on a team is tagged, the other team wins. Don’t worry though, as a tagged player you get to see exactly where each and every (not cloaked) enemy is, even through walls.


it’s fun

this looks really cool, i’ll join the server right now

Wow this looks great! I’ve always wished there was some kind of game that would let you control the bullet of the weapon after it’s fired.

wow you released this, very cool

It seems to fit its name

I swear JetBoom, you’re the last coder that can actually code a new gamemode that isn’t an RP script and still have people play it. Also, played this a while back and it was fun walljumping off of stuff, will definitely have another go at it.

holy shit. This looks too fast paced for me.

really impressive btw. Love the parkour and animations. The sounds are neat too.

Oh I also forgot. I’m making environmental weapons. For example, I’m making it so props using the HL2 bicycle model will be able to be ridden around to crash in to people with. Could use some ideas for more of these.

Yeah well hopefully it isn’t too late.

I’d get a team now start playing and practising if you want to be serious about winning that $150 next week.

I remember this. Good job - looks great as always.

Seems incredibly fun

Mind = blown

I fucking loved this when I first played it on NoxiousNet. Pretty much probably the best action shooter in the universe

i love this

Small change to defuse maps. I’m making it so all terrorists have a bomb. If you plant it then everyone loses their bomb until the next round. Should encourage at least one person to plant it and stop people screaming to plant the bomb.

Speaking of which, I’m compiling some defuse mode footage for a second video right now.

So do I <3

But nobody ever goes on the server anymore D:

it’s like… 3AM on a Monday.

Anyway, we have about 8 confirmed teams for the tournament. It’s $150.00 with no entry requirements. Seriously, invite randoms if you have to.

Here’s the defusal video.

This somehow reminds me of GunzOnline :v: