Awesome SWEP PACK!


You know, a description of what is included would be very nice.


Thanks for putting me in credits, if anyone is interested my models, skins and materials can be found here
It includes some CS:S and GMOD models, skins and materials.

“Wormag - Coder
Soleuz - Idea
ReMaKc - Sounds
TheUltimateSheepz - Models
Muffin - Inspiration
Swoots - Sexy Slapper (Naw, idea)”
You ARE swoots- fail
I will download now so i can complain and spam you via steam.

"Job Offers,
Death Threats, Marriage Proposals, Questions about this SWEP And else."I could send a few death threats to you.
Well you asked me to comment, so here you go and i made allot of lines so it would be long and take up lots of space.


What is this?

Looks like a five second swep with a fancy model.



Go do something worthwhile with your time. Instead of shitting up this place.


So basically its a prop-thrower that throws explosive barrels?