Awesome way to do reflections

Found out a real nice way to create reflections. I know theres the old method of flipping the map underneath, and the method of using water underneath the floor.

This uses the new EP2 engine feature of “func_reflective_glass”

  1. Basically, make a func_reflective_glass with the appropriate texture for where your floor is going to be.

  2. Make your floor texture over the entire func_reflective_glass, tie the entity “func_brush” to it, and set the alpha to 180.

  3. Make a “clip” texture above the entire floor, otherwise objects will bounce if something else hits the floor.

Huh. I’ll have to try it out.

I’ll just leave this here:

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I used a 1-unit thick glass layer over the file floor, set the scale to something crazy like 1000x1000, and applied cubemaps to the glass and tiles. Although in my opinion this is not the best way to go, but instead a really really good specular texture

Damn, looks nice.

This method is real-time reflection though, so it actually reflects whats above real clearly.

Example pics would be nice.

Yes, this does give very nice reflections. There are just a few problems with it.

-Costs a lot to render, although for an eye-candy map, this isn’t an issue.
-Player model isn’t reflected in HL2 games, since there is no player model to begin with.
-These surfaces cannot be used on seperate angels of height-levels within the same PVS.

Try putting a custom reflect shader, that uses the same bump map for the ground texture, directly above it. Logically it should produce realtime specular reflections the same way water would.

Actually, brb going to try that now :v: