–violent snip–

Sorry, I don’t even want to remember how stupid I was in 2011-2013 times.


Sonic isn’t posed very well, Shadow is floating and his hands are clipping through the handlebars.

And of course, the blooooom

–violent snip x2–

I really hope you’re just trying to take the piss out of everyone. How could you expect anything but a bad rating? Use descriptive thread titles and atleast look at some of the other threads to see if what you make is worthy of even posting.

You should learn how to post images.

–violent snip x69–

Then why did you post the link and not the image?

Oh, and we’re not trolls if we give you a bad rating. We just give it to bad/stupid pics and to stupid comments.

–violent snip x9001, y u caps knux?–

Try posting it like this:

image link here


And you should learn how to take criticism. Rating everyone dumb without a reason doesn’t really help you.

All right, calm down. ‘‘screaming’’ using caps and calling everyone trolls for giving you a bad rating isn’t gonna earn you any respect here.

I know this cause I went down that same road. Pull your shit together and start acting mature.

He,Instead of posting in the screenshots thread,make his own thread,post a link,and it’s shitty,and still expecting a good rating? Dafuq.

Based on this and your other posts, I think you shouldn’t be on this forum.

My Eyes!