Awesomium core.exe


I was playing Garry’s Mod until the game suddenly froze and my PC too. My Pc was completely stuck for 5 minutes. Then i got open my task manager and there was over 72 awesomium cores running. I read that it’s some thing that is mostly in Valves games. What is it exactly and do i really need it?

I doubt you had 72 instances of awesomium, Awesomium is only a lightweight web browser.

It has nothing to do with Valve. Awesomium is based on Chromium (what Google Chrome uses) and is used for the menu, as well as many other things in GMod. Something I noticed with both with Awesomium and Chromium is that they like to open a lot of processes. It’s not something you can really control, and you’ve just got to restart every once in a while.

This explains why the game is poorly optimized.

And it never works properly on mac, like most steam games. Oh well.

Awesomium is about as light weight as a lead brick. I remember back on my old computer that alone choked the hell out of it.

I’ve had this problem also. After some time you might be receiving bsod watchdog violation bluescreens assuming your on windows 8.
I solved it by updating the drivers for my SSD and Graphics Card.

Awesomium likes to eat up my 2GB of DDR2…it makes me quite mad, to say the least.

Good Lord, What do you people do??

Even on addon-heavy servers and PAC3 (which uses the hell out of Awesomium because of the ability to use custom textures, oggs, and models from web) I only ever have two processes (one for the main menu, one for everything else) and the “everything else” one has only ever used 1.2GB in a 5+ hour session.

I’m not saying any of you are inherently doing anything wrong… I’m just bloody curious.

Whenever awesomium does ANYTHING for me, it uses up a lot of RAM for me, I swear there’s some memory leak I don’t know about or how to prevent it, maybe those children’s servers that play loads of DABSTAP on join are the issue, I honestly don’t know.

awesomium is for the main menu and gui shit, not for custom textures and lua scripts

PAC3, and a few other addons, use Awesomium to grab textures from the web using Panel.GetHTMLMaterial. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also grabbed Lua scripts from the web in some way either. Also, the reason why PAC3 doesn’t create a ton of Awesomium instances is because CapsAdmin was smart about it and used a limited pool of them.

oh my bad, I didn’t realize that you could grab textures from the web in gmod, that sounds extremely useful to be honest.