AwesomiumBrowserMain Crash (MAC)

Dont even tell me “
It doesnt help at all and certainly doesnt have a fix. But thats the crash I keep getting, and there is apparently no fix for it as its been a problem since GM13. Its not because I am on a mac, its because awesomium.
If anybody has a fix for it, let me know.

Your best bet is to wait on a new update. Mac has tons of issues playing Source games since they werent meant to be played on Mac in 2005-2010

It’s not Apple’s problem though, my friend gets the same crash on PC. It’s all because gm13 and Awesomium because the crashing started when 13 came out

Well that means Mac hasn’t recieved the update, I’m running on Gmod 14 (.7.13)

Which is the latest public Garry’s Mod update.

It’s not GMod 14 btw.

was this garry’s mod update recent? Because my lenovo laptop has the exact same problem as my mac.

I might know how to fix your problem. I had a problem where I could not open my game because it was a different version. Try looking at the “betas” for the game inside of your properties when you right click on the game. You should be able to select a beta version and that should fix your game. If you have no ide what I am saying and you want to know more you can reply what you are struggling on and I can help you out with it more.

Alrighty, so i clicked on betas, and got one option. the dev build. i clicked on it and opend the dev version gmod. the error happened yet again. is there some other beta i needed?
Thanks for helping though.