Awfully low fps on a good pc

Hello. I am getting awfully low fps on gmod and I have a good pc. I am getting an average of about 10-30 fps on low settings when I have an i7-4770k, Nvidia GTX 760, 16GB RAM and about 333gb free on the hdd gmod is on.
I am really really annoyed and I would love to find a solution. If anybody could help me that would be great. Thanks!
This problem has only just started recently and I ran gmod fine at a steady 200-300fps about 1 month ago for a good 1800 hours. Now I am nearing 1900 hours on garrysmod and my frames suddenly dropped down.
I don’t have problems in other games such as CSGO or Assassins creed Unity.

Make sure you aren’t using any unoptimized addons. Garrysmod only runs on a single core (unless some special commands are entered). Servers with lots of players/addons will tend to cause framerate issued as well

I’ve checked through my addons and I am sure they aren’t the problem

How many addons do you have exactly?

First of all, regardless of your rig, some maps/gamemodes will simply get terrible framerates (darkrp + downtown_v4 = <120 fps). As such, try some maps in single player and check your framerate there. Most addons wont touch your framerate unless they’re actual scripts. Addons that add hundreds of new props and player models wont do anything to your framerate but something like an ESP (assuming it’s clientside LUA) will destroy your framerate on populated servers.
Now, is there anything in particular you have changed with your game recently or your computer? Installations of new programs don’t matter unless it’s driver related.

Mate its gonna be your addons. I have a pretty good PC, and I used to get really good high constand FPS, but with all my addons on my server (which is around 70) it takes a toll on the old FPS.

I would suggest either trying to remove any unnecessary addons or tweak your video settings and see if it makes a difference there.

One more thing, if you have an nvidia graphics card, try and see on the control panel if its set to your dedicated graphics card rather than an integrated one.

Good luck!

I’ve checked and i have it set to my gtx 760. Also i havent downloaded any significant addons in the past month apart from some lw cars

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It lags in all gamemodes and servers. Including singleplayer

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About 500 BUT i had 280+ fps when i had 475 addons

I don’t even want to imagine what that clusterfuck looks like.

Does… 500 addons even exist?

Garry’s Mod is a whore for memory and processing power, add that with poorly optimised maps and the custom shit that server owners fill them with and you’ve got your low framerate right there.

Do you know the general time period when you started getting this performance issue?