AwPanda's SleekHUD

Hello people of face punch forums. I want to share with you a hud that i made.

First of all i wanna give a HUGE shout out to KoolAidMini for helping and teaching me about GLua and Derma.

Features that come with the HUD:
Sleek Design
Easy config
The License and Wanted slides in and out, so its not taking up space when not needed.
And Its FREE!

TODO list:
Customize Agenda
Customize Overhead HUD
Customize Custom Lockdown
Customize Custom ammo
And many more features.

Please bare with the code if its ugly don’t hate :frowning:

If you want to ask me a question feel free to add me on steam and give me suggestions.

You are free to add what you want on the hud and i would love to see end results :smiley:

Also please post suggestions.

Currently planning on working:
Meth System
Hitman System
And more for you guys :smiley:



Oh god not the whole ‘sleek’ thing again

True that, it has been going around alot lately, you got any better suggestions since it does state post suggestions.

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Changed the title just for you

Put a buffer of like 5 pixels on the left side of your Health and armor text, it looks bad when its right at the edge

Ok i will do that, thanks for the suggestion.

Added in download.

I’ve never seen such an outstanding HUD.