Awsom, I'm totally F'ed!

Both rad towns are walled off and the walls are upgraded. Even if I get several air drops they all have to have a lot of C4 And IF I can blow a hole in the wall, they can patch it up in seconds.

you need the admin to remove them, admins still have demolish for that reason.

And it starts. Admins shouldnt need to be tied up with this stupid stuff

I’m on an official server

On London 1, all Rad Towns are surrounded by walls, you have no chance of getting anything anymore… maybe a wipe would have been good :smiley:

how did they not see this coming?

Get off those official servers and get on to the community ones, there are some really well run ones.

blue prints are a F’ing joke. a total mock of progression. there’s nothing I can do to get better now but change server hope the same thing hasn’t/doesn’t happen and start all over. Am I forever damned to be a f’ing gimp in this game with the ebola pistal! :suicide:

Look on the bright side, the gun you never wanted comes free with admission.

Saw this coming, just gotta make it so you cannot build on the entrance paths just like in Legacy and it’ll be resolved.

I do wanna rant a little because I find it absurd, feel free to skip reading this:
Every time the developers make mistakes like these it just saddens me because it means they apparently haven’t learned anything from Legacy. Yes Legacy is a dead project but please filter out the good things about it and take them with you…
(I know Legacy is viewed as a cancerous ball of shit by the majority of people here but remember that it sold millions of copies for a reason.)
I might be overreacting but it’s many of these mistakes and issues that are piling up that leads me to think that they’re not learning.

It’s such a key thing in Design and it applies in Game Design as well; if you make iterations, rather than abandoning previous steps in the process filter out what you’ve learned and apply this in your next one.

I know it’s not a huge deal and I bet it’ll be solved within a week but come on… don’t tell me none of the people developing saw this coming O_O…

There have been many discussions on “Might makes right” and freedom to do what you are able to do.
There have been several answers I will repeat…

  • Move to a different server. There are a ton of empty servers with potentially good admins desperately waiting for your fair play.
  • Get together with a large clan on the server and take down those bastard walls.
  • Push the admin to intervene at the risk of interfering with the fair play of the rad walling SOB
  • Quit playing Rust, its too liberal for your console gaming habits.

I jest… Enjoy the ride. It will come together some day :slight_smile:

bunch of crybaby. here is the solution :

  1. make a tower.
  2. jump in. use alt-f4 if needed to avoid fall damage (i dont support the use of alt-f4, its unfair use of a glitch, but in that case when its against griefing like that i dont mind)
  3. destroy the cupboard surrounding that area. maybe it’ll be on pillars, then its your lucky day you can use stone hatchet only. if its on rock walls, then you need C4. Maybe you’ll have 2 cupboards to break.
  4. place your own cupboard, destroy the wall ( or now with the new update, build stairs to be able to walk over the walls).
  5. place a tons of cupboard around it to avoid the wallers to take down your cupboard and repair the wall.
  6. (optionnal) place a codelock door to deny access to anyone else.

total ressources needed : 15k wood , 4k stone, some healthpack, one C4 if necessary (the wall on my server didnt need C4).

i took down 3 walls in the past. i’m on a mission to raid a 4th wall, in stone, on a 80 people server. i act solo or with a friend, we’re not a big group. if you have some time, you can easily team up with anyone, they’ll all be willing to help you take that wall down.

Walling in other players and loot locations are not allowed in my server. I think it is a bullshit move and have banned for it.

I don’t understand why people play in official servers anyways. They are full of trolling kids and shitty player behavior.

From what I’ve heard there is pretty much NO admin presence.

Just found it amusing to see Garry actively perma banning people complaining.

I only got one thing to say… Go on a long, long, vacation, and let other, probably more experienced, developers take over.
Garry, please stop. You’ve had your hype… it’ll be easier just to call it quits and join Notch in incompetence.
That, or actually learn development cycles that make sense, don’t just try out things ad hoc.

The person you’re referring to got banned for asking to be banned, not for complaining.

Also, complaining is allowed but really annoying and you’d better do it in a mature way with real points. If you make shit posts, you deserve to have them locked and banned