aww crap...

My Garry’s mod just stopped working so I uninstalled it…and then i sorta deleted the entire Garry’s mod folder…is it permanently screwed?

I’m tired and sick so i did something stupid… Just do me a favor and don’t comment on my stupidity…i am aware of the stupidity of my actions.

You deleted the whole GMod folder? No problem, as long as you didn’t delete the GCF file in the folder named as your username. When you restart GMod it’ll extract a fresh copy of the folder from the GCF.

Hell, even if you delete the GCF you’re alright, you’ll just have to download it again from Steam. The games are tied to your account, not your installation or PC.

Thank you! so how do i get the gcf file?

You most likely didn’t delete the GCF file, also if you did, it will be redownloaded too. Just run steam and it should automatically start downloading Garry’s mod again. If it doesn’t, try launching Garry’s mod and then it should start downloading. Garry’s mod will never be removed from your games list.

The GCF is where most of the data for any Steam game will go. If you have a game installed on Steam, you will have one or more GCFs for it.