"Axe me a question, I dare y-" "NO!"


Was messing around in sandbox and came up with this. I’m not the best poser, but I tried the best I could.


Disagree with what?

Nice work.

I was expecting a Heavy with the “NO!”


Really 5 dumbs? 5 more and I can have a house!
No really what ever happened to a good ol’ disagree?

I like how you tried to make it so coach isn’t floating and gm_construct?

I got the idea on gm_construct and was too lazy to change the map. But I did try to add some scenery to take away from the construct feel as you can see. And the L4D2 survivor’s legs refuse to pose for me.

Looks pretty good. I like how you tried to cover up construct.

It’s pretty blatantly construct and the posing is bad, especially on Coach.

Gm_Construct sucks the head mate. Use it if you do a big ass scenebuild with water or something but if you dont do a scenebuild dont use it.
Posing is odd and the deflated head just looks plain stupid.
I gave you a box. Everything you need to know is in it.

I lol’d. :smiley:

Jumping on the bandwagon of hating Rochelle,
Horrible posing,
Obvious inflator use,
Default HL2 blood,

Find better maps, and use original ideas for your next screenshots.

I wish I could rate you 1000*111111^21349 Agrees

Great head

Well the use of inflator wasn’t exactly supposed to be hidden. I just wanted to somehow make a picture of Rochelle dying :v:

And, at your bandwagon comment, who, seriously, likes Rochelle?

Default Half-Life blood, so what? It’s blood, sure it looks bad but I don’t have photoshop and I am inexperienced when it comes to photo editing.

gm_construct, okay I understand that one. I just installed a vanilla GMod and as you can see I have minimal content.

This is my second pose, so please, tell me what I can do to improve the ragdoll poses.