Axe Murderer, Under Fire and GGGGMMMAAAAN!


Lighting in the first picture is great but the posing is off.
The tracers closest to the screen in the second picture look great, but the ones in the background look terrible. Who’s shooting? Storm Troopers? They can’t hit a single thing.

It’s all that Blur they’re standing in.

hahahahahaa the gman pic


The Gman picture made me Lol hard! GMan: “Why Won’t Dr. Kleiner Listen To Me!?” Then there’s Alyx Ready with the Camera! =D

Please note that the Blastech E-11 they’re using is veeeery inaccurate, so we can’t actually blame the troopers.

Lol i laughed with the g-man face XD

Have a funny.


I had the G-Man standing behind Kleiner in one of the Episode 1 Levels when he is on the bring screen was pretty funny to see Kleiner moving about with the G-man behind him :smiley:

Gman: >:|

Awesome sauce.