Axe vs. Axe

Posing the l4d2 models is hard

“This time no one axes questions.”

The contrast is awful mate.

Posing on the pyro doesnt seem so bad but the posing on the coach is very bad.

Yeah I didn’t like the way Coach turned out, also what do you mean by the contrast is bad? Like is it too high, too low?

Loled at Coach’s faceposing. It’s like a superfrown.

TBH I really dont know, I never touch the Contrast menus ingame since they tend to fuck things up.
Also the picture quality is really poor, I mean that you didnt had Screenshoot quality at 100 or somewhere in the editing(if you did any) you didnt placed the JPEG quality at 100.

Whoops, i forgot about jpeg_quality 100
Thanks for reminding me, also I did adjust the contrast in game, so that may have messes things up.

According to Coach’s eyes, he’s already dead. Fightning when you’re passed out is not a good idea.


Coach wins

Because if he goes down he will shoot with the pistol…


Omg this s#!1 is like so serious!