Axiom - Race To The Cure

This gamemode will be unlike other survival gamemodes, you will be forced to survive in two different aspects. Firstly, from the other team, the infected, and secondly, from the virus raging inside you. Yes, you are infected and so are the other players against you. Your ultimate goal will be to not only kill the hordes of zombies against you, but to locate a supressant for the virus before the other players do. The game will most likely be continous until all players are dead, or the timer runs out. To start, Survivors will be armed with their own two hands although small melee and other weapons will be located around the map. The supressants will be located in random places each round and will respawn after the round has ended along with some (but not all) weapons and ammunition.

Update 1: I’m going to go the route of ‘Supressant Zones’ instead of individual items, because it would make everything be just so much simpler. Everyone must get to a Supressant Zone before the time runs out, those who don’t make it become Zombies and can no longer regain humanity.


Partially Complete
[X] Complete

[X] Team Selection GUI
Human Weapons
Zombie Weapons
Random Weapon and Item Spawns
Color Coded Team Chat
Ambient Music
Custom Maps
Custom HUD
Supressant Zones
Round System
Weapon/Item Timers
[X] Zombie/Human Teams

Possible Weather System

Coming soon, I have to redo some GUI elements before I post them, it looks ugly.

We will need help to speed this up, so if you would like to offer assistance, these positions are available.

Lua Coder 1
Lua Coder 2
Mapper 1
Mapper 2

Please leave some in the comments, I will consider them if they seem like a good idea.

Sounds like fun.

I feel sooo loved.

I saw you were a person earlier today and was like Oh shi- screw it, I’m not renaming the gamemode. Somehow, you found the thread though. The funny thing was I was originally going to make a RP script named Axiom, but I changed my mind and used the name on this, oh the irony.

Looks interesting. It would be nice for the gamemode to “remind” you of the virus inside of you, not using text notices but stuff like you occasionally scream like a zombie or puke or something and this gets worse as the virus takes over your body.

I was personally thinking of how ReDead handles infections, IE your screen starts turning yellower and you start moaning sickly. I like the vomiting idea, too.

Also, I’m not sure where I stand on this idea. It has potential to be a great gamemode, but it has equally as much potential to be a mindless deathmatch with the “cure to your disease” being a shallow covering thrown over to mask the mediocrity.

So I’ll reserve judgment until I see some progress. :smile:

Puking: No idea how to do anything like that, for now, because I can’t code it, that is a no.
Random Screaming: If I can find a way to throw it in, yes.

As for it being a random deathmatch, that won’t be the case. I have thought about making the players unable to kill eachother, or if they do shoot at eachother it will only cause minimal damage and if you were to shoot/hit a zombie, it would cause much more damage. That’s my idea anyways.

Puking would just be a scripted effect that spawns a bunch of particles at the player’s head position. I’m sure there’s enough example code on the wiki to cobble together something.

You got off before I could mention it, but couldnt you “borrow” or recreate the boomer puke script and modify it to fit into the mod?

Left for Dead is C++, not lua… Plus the source code isn’t released which I believe you would need.

This project has been recently revived and all progress is current (plus it looks better than it did graphicly ingame.) It may not be publicly released soon, it will most likely come out after it’s gained some popularity on the main server though.

Werg, you need to finish this! This looks like fun, and you should post sum updates :stuck_out_tongue:

Sent you a pm about helping with the gamemode.

Sorry, haven’t checked the thread in a while. Working on it more, posting updates when I can.