Axis forces on a rooftop

I hope a splinter camo skin comes along at some point.

No Nazi hat?
How will I know they are Nazi’s then?

[Points at Pelican in background that has a (barely) visible Iron Cross]

Not to mention the camo pattern and the giant crosses on the knee pads…

Why do people keep bragging about camo patterns?

A bit bland pic, but the posing’s nice. DoF’s good too.

Why so much Nazi on this forum?

What map is that?

Neither of those mean they’re Nazis, though. The Balkenkreuz was used by the Wehrmacht, yeah, but they aren’t all Nazis. Same goes with the Flecktarn.

Edit: I like to split hairs.

I think I might reskin some of the BL:TD Models as 'Mericans or Nazis.


Nice man! :wink:

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If you can link me the a Camo Patern to the German splinter-B Camo I will make them.

were did you get those blacklight reskins?

you dont, theyre private for now and will prolly be released when angry finishes all the reskins hes wanting to do.


Dayum mate, that flecktarn looks terrible.

its not…flecktarn…

Looks very much like it except for the dark green lack…

Well whatever it is it’s pretty darn ugly

No it doesn’t. It doesn’t even look similar. Having coloured dots does not make it look like Flecktarn.

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If it ‘looks very much like’ anything, it’d be Pea Dot '44, not modern Flecktarn.