Axis question

Ok, I remade my engine to reduce lag and increase the efficiency a bit, but I keep running into one issue. No matter how many axises I place on it (even with axis centre), the engine breaks the axises at any moment of excess stress on the center wheel. Is there any special technique or tool I could use?

Not really. You can use adv ballsockets and short rigid ropes to reinforce it slightly, I’m assuming you’ve maxed out the weight. A series of elastics, with maybe 50k constant, 10k damping, that might help somewhat. It’s essentially a torsional vibration dampener.
When you get to torque-based constraint failure, you’re pretty much just fucked. Most “floppy” constraints in gmod can be minimized with certain build methods (can reinforce welds with axises/ballsockets/rigidropes, can reinforce floppy axises with ballsockets, etc.) but torque-based constraint failure is extremely difficult to handle. The only answer is always more weight, until you cap out at 50k, at which point you cannot effectively put out any more torque. So you may have just reached the limit of what you can effectively use torque-wise.

This is just based on personal experience, fyi.

Yeah, as reaper said, I think you’re pretty much fucked. Besides, what the hell do ya need all that power for? I’m sure that a fraction of the torque you’re generating would be more than sufficient for whatever you’re doing.

Ok, I guess I’ll try to overhaul it somehow as I really want to see this work. Also, to answer your question Mr. White, when I said I was on a crusade to build the most powerful engine that was plausible and usable in any server, I meant it lol. My major plot is to build a vehicle that is over half the size of the largest map span I can find, and then I plan to pull the max amount of props I may spawn at max weight all via one engine. The size is needed so that I have sufficient traction at about 25-50 rpm to move at 10mph. Other than that reason, I have an asinine habit of perfecting things…

I thought you meant axis as in the Nazi…