Axis Throat Slit


I havent made a pose in over a year, so I decided to just mess around today.

This is what I ended up with.

Comments appreciated.

Not bad. Blood looks decent, but the angle of the knife and the wound don’t add up. And the solider should look more surprised.

I like the pose and the angle.
The blood looks a little solid at some parts and kinda changes color at others (from bright to dark).

But its a nice attemp, I like it :slight_smile:


have a


Close up poses using basic DoD faces make me :(. Also yes, the knife should be at a more horizontal angle.

It’s okay. Too blurry though and way too much wasted space.

Why are you always complaining on wasted space, In this shot nothing should be in that space, or it would distract from the main plot of the picture. He is sneaking up on a lone solider, in the woods/grass.

He could always crop all the blurred nothingness on the left and leave only the soldiers, it would look better and it should make easier for the eye to focus on the action.