Ayane and Ryu from Ninja Gaiden 3

Before you all moan at me, Yes, i know there are models of both of them. One small problem, they’re terrible quality and outdated.

So, i was wondering if anyone would mind working on Ayane

And Ryu Hayabusa,

I would prefer Ayane, though.

I support this but I don’t know if it’ll even see the light of day.

Hey don’t forget these crazy bitches.


these guys with their pimptastic fashion sense


I don’t know who the hell this guy is, but his Duke Nukem/Johnny Cage style is alright by me

Also it’s possible to get models from this game already rigged and UV’d and everything. So I wouldn’t say all hope is lost.


The post on that website is talking about some weird crap. Noesis Scripts, i mean, can anyone decipher what that means to an idiot like me?

Of course it’s not for gmod, not everything on the internet centers around putting models into gmod.

Right, so that makes a little more sense, then. Thanks, Simkas.

Well, atleast there are models for use, all we need to do is make them work in Garrys Mod.

Rig. Into. Gmod…

I’ll think about it…

And what are your thoughts? I’d like to see these models as well, I’m not even going to throw anything out there, hell if you know how to rig and compile I’ll apologize and get down on my knees to kiss your boots.

So far I found a XNALara model of Momiji.

Link: http://xnamodels.blogspot.com/2012/05/momiji.html

I wonder why some of the stuff we request here are from XNALara…

No idea. I like your Avatar. It’s rare you see Ryu doing something so girly.

I don’t have boots :v:

Plus, I said, “I’ll think about it”

I really love this game, I just don’t know what engine it supports.

I have the models for this. If someone is interested in rigging them, please PM me and I can provide the resources.

Id rather you just provide the resource for all of us so I dont have to go and get all the models from the game myself and waste time.

What do you mean? This is exactly what I offered to do.

I think he means just put up a release thread in the main section with all the models packed into one file for people to grab like this.

offering through PM is only through a select few people who ask rather then just handing it out to everyone and having a wider audience of people who can work with the material.

Post the link then. We can get the models, and rig them into garry’s mod.

They don’t need to be rigged since that thing I posted gets the models with the original rig.