Ayane sitting on a bench

Just a little thing I felt like doing. It might look a little messed up in places I know, forgot to put the jpeg_quality thing to 100.

her eyes are the size of pool balls

I’d bet all my money that if Uberslug posts here, he will only say “Amine models” or a thing like that lol.
(Now he is not gonna do it, because I alread said it)

Also, nice pic :v: but rather too simple.


HA, He didnt said it.

Probably one of the only times i’ll ever say this because of how retardedly over-the-top all photoshoppers tend to be.

Needs more photoshop.

Amine models

Get out with this anime bullshit.


It’s at this point i start to wonder if I’ll actually get a reply that isn’t about how the model looks and more about the actual quality of the picture. I’d hate to have gone through all the hard work of posing and editing just so people can give me dumb boxes because they don’t like the model. I mean, if you have critiques about the editing or the posing that’s fine. But I’d appreciate it if people didn’t come in to a thread just to say “lawl weboo anime shit!” and leave.

She’s cute, love the editing and posing.

INB4 boxes/" WEABOO LAWL!!!".


You just loaded up a map, quickly posed a anime ragdoll, and put a shot gun under :airquote:her:airquote: hand.

ITT people complain about models based after cartoons. The pose is good just not much is happening.

[sp]god damn zeno phobes I swear[/sp]

Very interesting Ayane skin. Good posing, meh creativity.