AYO 3day ban rust?

Whats up just got into rust and played with a friend and after 5hours of gaming a got a 3day ban. Googeld it and people where saying if you get many kills or hs whatever the suspect you since the low hours of rust, so guess im too good then? lf that is the case them im flabbergasted.

You have been suspended in Rust until June 24 by Easy Anti-Cheat on behalf of the game’s developers.

Any1 of you knows whatsup with that?

We where running around with silence bolt ak and full forest utfit destroying ever1 from the bushes when after a while i got tempbanned, my friend did not get a tempban, but he got around 2k hours so maybe the hours to come in play since i only got to play 5h. But i would like my account temp ban to be reduced to maybe 1 day atleast, im free form my GF this week and also free from work i want to play :japanese_goblin: