B-2 stealth bomber

Can someone make a prop of the B-2 stealth bomber? I’ll post pics soon…

I definitely support, that is one awesome plane! It’s aesthetically pleasing and very effective (I’m talking about in real life of course).
Would it be possible to get the one in Modern Warfare 2?

If someone could port it(as in not me :D).

I just checked it in the Call of Duty Wiki and they said that the top of the Stealth Bomber in MW2 isn’t fully detailed. Damn you Infinity Ward and your laziness! Here’s a quote from the CoD wiki.

“Watching a killcam with a B-2 the player will notice that the top of the plane is not fully detailed. All that is visible are grey lines.”.
So port it but don’t be surprised if the quality is REALLY bad. (please still port it though, just in case it’s good, if it’s not we could fix it)

Anyone else know any games with the B-2? I don’t play any of those fighter pilot games so I wouldn’t know.

You do realize that models far high up in the sky are lowpoly and lowres.
That model would be extremely useless.

Yeah, I realize that. I was hoping it might be at least low quality. A low quality model beats no model at all.
(notice I asked if anyone knows ANY other games with the B-2?)

This may sound stupid but… could you make it in blender. I couldnt because I dont know how to use it.

What about HAWX 2 I think that had a B-2. I know it has an AC-130.