B-29 prepares for flight.

May look a bit low quality due to the grain filter.




It’s awfully empty for a military airfield.

Maybe a bit. I like it this way though.

Because usually you don’t want to walk on the airstrip.

Oh. I always thought they were made for walking :v:

The real question is here: Is he really gonna fly in these conditions?


Airfields are usually empty.

I can’t wait for Beatthezombie to release his Medal of Honor pack, they might have some pilots in it.

Private airfields maybe, but a Military airfield no.

Yes they do have a lot of people doing things, I usually like to take walks around the hangers for good time. I remember when Rob Dyrdek came here to fly in one of the jets, he puked and stuff lol and drama was quiet fucker.

but yes people everywhere