B.A. Baracus (Mr. T) Coach

This is my latest skin. He is Mr. T!!


he miss the Rings and the Chains

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But nice

Skin looks alright overall, but without actual mesh for the mo-hawk, hair looks pretty bad. Good attempt though.

Looks OK but the clothes textures raped my eyes.

Also :


Wet face ?

Hell yes.

love the facial hair, but Stonerabbit’s right, he looks moist

hexed please D:

This is just a reskin.
But imao, it’s a good one.

Needs jewelry and a real mohawk.

B.A. really let himself go.

I fixed that i just forgot tho take a picture

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ah yes… i fixed that before i uploaded it

Yeah fix the mohawk,Looks like paint but yeah i like it.

I pitty that foo

what are you talking about, it is hexed. It wont replace anything

Whoa, late reply.