B/ack_Slash and Wystans CoD4 Ragdoll Hex Pack

----------------------------------Call Of Duty 4 Skin Hex Pack!--------------------------

**Description: **New skins to use with the USMC, SAS, and Ultranationalists
Requirements: None
Filesmelt Download:
DOWNLOAD - Main Files
DOWNLOAD - Helmet Fix
Filefront Download:
DOWNLOAD - Main Files
DOWNLOAD - Helmet Fix
Mediafire Download:
DOWNLOAD - Main Files
DOWNLOAD - Helmet Fix

Original Models: Infinity Ward/Activision
Porting: chl0407, zz8140
Skins: Back_Slash
Hexing: Wystan
Mirroring: BlackRazor88











Looks okay.

If you are using USMC Marpat, you don’t need to recolor the vest. Coyote Brown is used by USMC for both marpat variants.

I didn’t make the skins… but I will pass that along to the creator

These skins, don’t look good at all, the one that looks the best is in the second picture. But overall, the skins are ugly.

Good job on the thread. If you had told me earlier I would have made some nice pics.

Sorry :S

B/_S messaged me earlier and told me to release it for him because you weren’t on… if you like I can get a mod to close this and you can make your own


Sorry :frowning:

That was the intention, he will be reading the thread at some point. :slight_smile:

As for the thing about the ugly skins, I would agree based on 2 things.

A. The russian normal maps need to be toned down a bit.

B. The creator needs to spend more time researching Russian patterns.

sorry that it doesn’t keep up to your uber awesome standard.

A. they can’t
b. those are actual schemes you obviously haven’t researched hard enough.
the gear should be recolored because vests are actually light brown/dark tan.
fort yout personal skin is ugly you shouldn’t be talking.

Will this work on counter strike source?

Yea back_slash and that’s why i got a shit load more downloads for it then for your personal skin, nice try. And anyone with half a brain would see that these aren’t that great. Especially the ones in the first and fourth pictures. You should redo them. The rest are… tolerable I suppose though it might just be the picture that makes them look alittle odd

shit fight go
Back-slash: The MARPAT is wrong they don’t camouflage the vest, they’re coyote brown.
Fort: This isn’t about you skins, don’t turn this into a 1337 SK177S fight.

it’s not camoed.
it’s just brown…



Leon, I’m not the one who brought my skin in the first place. He did. And anyways, I gave my opinion and obviously he can’t handle it. Enough said, this silly arguement is over.

Black_slash as i said before the one in the 4th picture is too bright I would say, in my opinion or the skin isn’t right for him. Post a picture of someone wearing that type of camo in real life. The second and third ones look quite nice so good job on that. The last 2 are also alright. Overall as i said before, not that great but worth the release I suppose.

Contructive Critisim FTW

the russians
sorry about the attitude M16a4 mastery was hard to get
as for the sas those aren’t a real pattern I just ported it for shits and giggles.

No problem slash, at least you say your sorry and recognize the attitude unlike alot of people on facepunch.

A. Yes, they can. I have done it on these models before.

B. They are actual schemes, I was talking about you not researching what the schemes are used on. You don’t take a VDV paratrooper bdu pattern and throw it on a heavy coat.

As for the marpat…

This is coyote brown:


This is green:


Fix your screen settings if you still think that is brown. Vests were already correct from COD4, no need to modify.

The only problem I have is I don’t like the Cod4 models(just one of my pet peeves.)

Sorry bro :3: