"B-b-but we're not Combine!"


Quick 10 minute pose. Could use some editing and what not.

Don’t you mean Corporal?

not anymore nigggaaaaaaa

Shep Hard is one hard motherfucker

The story sucks, but it’s a quite good picture.

I’d expect Shephard to suspect Gman is the brains behind the mess.

U mean commander

Rex Lee is a hardass.

The moment I read, “Shepard” it was a combination of…
oh shit

nice posing

could use effects, but I like the story

The writing of the story is terrible but the concept is actually really interesting. Quite an original idea.

Shepard was a corporal. Not a captain.

Perhaps he got promoted.

Just admit it, you messed up.

I really don’t think it matters as it doesn’t effect the quality of the picture or the backstory in any way.

I purposely put Captain because in my mind, he got promoted after the seven hour war.

lol CoD Nerds.
Picture looks nice but it really needs DoF.


People not focusing on picture and rather discussing if shepard is a captain, corporal or whatever.

Yeah, I just didn’t see where CoD factored into that.