B E A R's journey (compilation, heavy with pictures)

I am going to do a somewhat historic compilation, collection of not just pictures, but memories. It may work, it may not. Who knows, let’s give it a try.

It all began with a flying g-man and a kung fu terrorist…

…back in Gmod 10 in 2006. These are my very first pictures, which made it to this day purely by luck. Tier 0.
Back then I didn’t have internet at home, so a friend torrented the game for me. I would play it for a few weeks, build random stuff, then burn it onto three discs and lose them all a month later.

It wouldn’t be until August 26th 2009 when I get interested in Gmod again, and actually buy it. It was my second purchase on Steam, right after Orange Box, which I had to buy twice, because the one I bought in Russia was apparently region locked.
That’s a year after I moved to Toronto from Moscow.

First server I joined was DFTBA Vanilla Server which I stayed on for two years, until awesome community lost interest and fell apart. Great times. There I made my very first comic called “Anatomy of Mingebags” (hence my DA nickname: AntiMingebag).

Here it is in all its terribleness, bad English and bad posing included )).

DFTBA was also where I made my first edited picture (in multiplayer, while everyone ran around like crazy hamsters on coffee and kept fucking up the shot). Flat rain, flat clouds, and of course, forbidden gm_construct.

Side note: GameDev in mapping section is also from DFTBA. As far as I know he still makes maps and is doing great. Good to know, considering we haven’t talked for a very long time. Didn’t exactly end on good terms.

Now, the gallery part.

Here’s what I call Tier 1. The early edits, some of which I salvaged from my facebook album.

I noticed his twisted waist seven months later, while re-uploading the salvaged pic to DA. Heh.

This is a shot which didn’t make it into final version of a comic I posted here a while back (I think that was one of my very first threads on FP).

Around this time I started taking multimedia and film courses at school, which gave me some idea about 3D and filming (angles, lighting, all that helpful stuff).
This one served as a reminder and inspiration for quite a while. “If I can do it this good, I can do it better”.

End of 2011. US declared the end of war in Iraq, Curiosity ventured out into cold space on its journey to Mars and both events had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Tier 2. Summer of 2012. Inspiration is back and a fuckton of time given to me by gods of Ontario board of education called “Summer Break” comes in handy.

“600 seconds”. Hell knows why. The one (and so far only) time when I went BIG. If only my editing was better then, this could have been a masterpiece. I tried remaking it a few times, but closest I got is my most recent “Alliance, Roll out!”, which while has better editing, is not anywhere near in terms of scale.

This one was a bitch to pose, as well as a giant clustertruck with inflator (or in this case - deflator) tool.

This one I made to restore my dignity after this thread. I still remember Exorade saying

And Exorade - you have my thanks. Whenever I look at a thread with “meh” quality picture, my brain brings this up and goes all “hey, you were no better”.

Hooray, August 2012, FloaterTWO released Alliance soldier models which were (and still are) great…but they don’t have dynamic shadows. Only female models without helmets got them.


Tier 3, October 2013. Era of Gmod 12 is ending. Last picture in version 12, one day before Gmod 13 was to officially replace it.

Welcome to Garry’s Mod 13…

…Minges are still present in the new version.

----September 2012: Mah bud Alsojames joins Facepunch after I tell him how cool Gmod is----


Originally I was going for a serious mood, but ended up screwing faceposing up and making both dudes look smarked. Unintentional comedy. I just can’t make tacticool poses, not my thing ))).

Background art by gugo78

Fall of Hammer Squad. To this day one of my favorites. Shout out to Joazzz for showing me how to make lasers glow properly.


Shout out to Alsojames for the idea.



First time stepping away from my usual landscape format


My only 1080p resolution pic made on a 44’’ TV which was really weird after my usual trusty 22’’ monitor. Editing on a 44-inch is awesome though (SO MUCH SPA-A-ACE!!!)


Weird hair is weird. At this point I’m still doing everything with a mouse. Idea of getting a drawing tablet is born.





----somewhere at this point I change my nickname from RUSSIAN BEAR to just B E A R and get a Golden Username----




Finally, Tier 4. Modern time. I get a drawing tablet for New Year’s Eve. 2014 begins.


First time me actually sitting down with a reference picture and practicing running poses. After all these years of winging it x].
(all ye newbies out there - google up “Muybridge Movement”, you won’t regret it).

Shout out to [LOA] SonOfBrim for explaining how to light up gm_black properly.


Prototype556, I frakking hate you. You trolled me with this one real good. Instead of pointing little flaws all at once, he did them one-by-one, making me redo the pic at least 10 times, both in PS and in Gmod (matching camera zoom exactly to transfer all my already isolated layers and shadowing was especially “fun” you bugger :P).
Though if seriously - thanks. Now I scan the scene before taking a screenshot.



What lies ahead? Time will show. There is always room for improvement. One thing for sure - I am glad I discovered Gmod back in 2006 and this commuinity in 2009. Thanks to all of you for being an inspiration, a helping hand and a boot to kick my ass when I’m lazy )).

Yours truly,

Dayum, that’s a lot of improvement over the course of your gmod career, it really amazes me.
You’re really talented man, and i’m not just saying that.

I hate you too :slight_smile:

In all honesty, I was just scanning it over every time you said you “fixed” it. I also posted that picture to battlelog (Hope you don’t mind, never said it was mine anyways) and everyone freaked out over it and started laughing, so 10/10

Awesome, really enjoyed reading what you wrote as well as looking at the pretty pictures.

Keep it up man!

It’s awesome seeing how much you’ve improved over a period of time. Here, it’s very clear that you developed a much needed understanding of composition, lighting, and angles. You were always good at Photoshop as I can see, but pretty much improved on literally every area of the image that needed work. My hat is off to you! Not everybody can make such a noticeable improvement in most, if not all categories. But there’s always room to get better! Hope to see more of your work in the near future! :smiley: