[B][EU] Rust Server [Missions/Instant Craft/Airdrops and more / NO SLEEP ][/B]

Hello friends:)

here our server IP (f1 and insert IP for quick connect)
The server started 02.March 2014
Help us grow up the server :slight_smile:

Current Plugins:

  • /list ( see who’s online )
  • /admins ( see online admins )
  • /mission - shows list of targets available
  • /mission <target name> shows list of missions and awards
  • /mission <target name> <mission name> - joins the mission
  • /kit hatchet/starter
  • Welcome Kit
  • /arena ( join the arena if its open - wait for upcoming events )
  • Decay Control
  • /friends (to see friends online) /friends (remove) “name” to add/remove from friendlist
  • Ticketsystem
    /ticket to see your open ticket ( every player can have 1 ticket )
    /ticket “text” to open a ticket or update your current ticket
    /ticket close to close your ticket
  • Cheatpunch: We wanna stop hackers and cheaters!
    -Bounty Plugin:
    /bounty : list the players you pay to see killed (who you want dead and for how much)
    /bounty name : list the bounties on someone’s head (who wants them dead and for how much) and their Contract Kills count
    /bounty name reward : put a price on someone’s head
  • Economy Plugin
    /money : shows your current balance
    /money info : shows info about the economy
    /money “name” send amount : sends amount to name
    /price “item” : list all prices or displays the price of a specific item (item optional)
    /buy “item” amount : buy and item (optional amount to buy more than 1 item)
    /sell “item” amount to sell an item.

I will edit if new plugins are online.

Server Rules and Informations:

  • Sleepers: OFF
  • Instant Craft: ON
  • Noob friendly: Everyone is welcome, we try to teach you!
  • No verbal abuse!
  • Chatlanguage: English pls
  • Cheatprotection: ON
  • Airdrops: ON with 15+ Players
  • Doorpassword and sharing: ON
  • Wipes: Not planed - we always try to backup befor we update something
  • Autobackup: ON
  • PVP: ON

If you have any suggestions pls don’t wait to post them here in the forum!
We accept clans and Streamer.

Pls don’t worry to ask questions.
We are friendly admins and try to help everytime.
If you want my help add me in steam: SqualDrakmord

Hope to see you guys there. Lets write our Rust Storys :slight_smile:

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Chathistory Plugin online.
Type /history to see the 20 latest messages
Ressource Map Plugin online now.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned." - postal))