[B][EU]Rustination[Wiped 26.02.14|Oxide|50%Craft|Events|AD10+][/B]

[DE/EU]Rust-Girls[Wiped 02.03.14|Oxide|FastCraft|Events|AD10+]***Active Admins!!***Many Mods!!***Nice Community!!

We are a friendly oriented community from Germany, who launched this server a few days ago. It’s hosted by Multiplay, located in Frankfurt/Germany, and we experienced a great connectivity and performance so far.

Furthermore, we are currently planning some events as soon as the playercount reaches a good number. The first event is going to be an “Arena-Event” with a nice pricepool (e.g. weapons, gear) for the winner. We are also always up for some great ideas of you guys. Feel free to add and ask us!

We also run the following plugins based on Oxide:

Starter Kit (/kit starter ans /kit home)
Players List (/player)
Location (/location)
Remove Tool (/remove)
Chat History (/history)
Ping (/ping)
Door Sharing (/share and /unshare)
Private Message (/pm and /re)
Death Handler
FPS Booster

Server Settings:

Sleeper: On
Airdrop: 10+ Players
Crafttime: 50% of normal time
Craft Restrictions: No restrictions
Day-Night-Cycle: Days are set to last 50 minutes, Night lasts 10 minutes
Server Location: Frankfurt/Germany
Server IP:
Server Slots: 100

You can join our server via console: Simply press F1 ingame and type in: net.connect

Hope ya’ll enjoying our server and it would be awesome to see you ingame.



Bump for more players! :wink: