B-Hop Gamemode Teleporters

I’ve been considering making a bhop gamemode for a while now, but there’s one thing that’s stopping me.

How on earth do you get a player to teleport back to a teleport_destination if they have been standing on a panel for too long?

The main problem being how to detect which teleport_destination they should be returning to.

If anyone could help me, would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I thought I would mention that I haven’t found any public bhop gamemodes to look at the sourcecode for.
If there actually are, and I’ve just missed that, feel free to post the link.

Each platform is a door, if you will. As soon as the player touches the door, it starts moving down. Just below the level of the fully extended door is a trigger_teleport. They fall in.

So I should be checking how far down it will move, and then grab that entitie at that level’s teleport destination?

That’s what I was thinking, but it seems like a lot of estimation.
However, I suppose that’s very logical

Triggers trigger when touched. You just need the door to sink.

If you do nothing to the func_doors, they should work as intended.

In my gamemode I disable movement of all the func_doors (and exclude entities I don’t want to be disabled) and make it so the player will fall through if they stay on them, thus getting teleported.

If you like, you could add me on steam and I’ll see if I can help you out!

Jellyman’s concept proven to be very effective.


That’s great. Keeps users from having to go one at a time.