B.L.U Demoman vs. Fag- I mean- P.N.K Scout.


B.L.U vs. P.N.K, the fag team. When I’m bored I do weird shit.


there was something I wanted to add here but I can’t remember what.

Nice pose

Nice :slight_smile:

picture is funny, but the demomans phrase gets annoying now, too many people used it in the past few days

I haven’t seen it

Noice work fag :smiley:

Something you want to say my good man?

It took me eleven hours to realize what was going on in this pose.

I came here eleven hours ago and thought “Man what the fuck is this supposed to be? Sucks.” Came back now, eleven hours later, saw the thread title and said to myself “OH. ‘P.N.K.’ I get it now!”

I hate myself some times. Have a funny.

PLEASE tell me you made, like…an entire P.N.K. team skin set :3

No. just the scout, and that’s just the red scout photoshopped to be more pink.