[B]Multiplay :: |NL|EU| |7-3|CHEATPUNCH|Oxide|AA|Remove|Airdrop 15 Players|Sleeper[/B]

|NL|EU| |7-3|CHEATPUNCH|Oxide|AA|Remove|Airdrop 15 Players|Sleeper|

Press F1 when you are in the main menu to get up the console then type : net.connect

Wiped 7-3-2014

This is our very first Rust Server, We are happy to announce that our server is Live!!!
The admins are very active and trusted. At the moment we have 2 Admins.
I hope that people will join and stay and have fun!!! because we want to achieve a great gameplay for everyone!

Server Features:

-AntiCheat (CheatPunch)
-Fresh Server
-Admin Remover
-No Wipes until next Month
-No Lag
-Oxide Mod
-Location Tracking (/location)
-Active Admins (2 Admins at the moment)


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Any questions? ask them :slight_smile: