[B]This game is an utter dissapointment, terrible state[/B]

I have been killed numerous times due to Unity crashing, major major dissapointment. This game, in its current state, is an absolute sham. Unplayable IMO.

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Yeah, its a huge problem with these alpha games, they sell you on an idea and then its too late to get your money back.

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Wow you mean an unfinished alpha doesn’t run like a finished game?? who could’ve guessed that

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Yeah man i totally agree alpha games need to run perfectly and with no issues at all, it’s not like it’s an alpha or something JEEZ DEVS

I can deal with crashes, graphical bugs, simple alpha-expected bugs, but when there’s people flying around, noclipping into bases (recorded/reported) and nothing happens, it’s a bit ridiculous and breaks the alpha testing.

To believe I paid money for the experience and not bug reporting.

this is a overused phrase and there are times when it is appropriate and times when it is not. But this is alpha and you got early access. At this point in the game crashing and stuff can either be fixable or not depending on your OS and hardware. Try this: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1316564&p=42568327