B2 bomber!

Oh snap, I downloaded the military models and altho I have alot of fun with those on a daily basis blowing myself up with nukes, I couldnt help but to notice there are no B2 bomber models or flyable vehicles in garry’s mod downloads. So I tried to make my own b2 bomber out of wood materials from the game, turns out it was a lag fest so wasn’t gonna happen.

As a request, I would like somebody to help me on my quest to blow stuff up! If anybody can find/make/poop a b2 bomber model that would be awesome, specially if you can get in it! Here are some images of what it looks like.



At proximately 2.1billion dollars to build, I hope it isnt hard to integrate it to Gmod, that would be so awesome!

You know, Gmod IS missing a B2 Bomber.

why not just rip it from mw2 ?

Unfortunatelly I dont got mw2! ^(T,…,T)^

For just $59.99, that can be changed :v:.

MW2’s B2 is practically a triangle with some differences and a bulge on top w/ paint.

Well since I made the request, if its the only way to get it I could buy it, then wed all have fancy b2 bombers! x3

Will be till next month till I can buy it tho. lol

No don’t waste your money on a half decent game for 1 shitty low quality model.
and did you seriously make an account on FP, just to make a request?
Practically everyone knows that making a request on FP that gets done is about as likely as the moon having green men on it

Actually been playing Gmod and stalking FP ever since I can remember, never actually made an FP account till recently. Also, everybody knows the moon is made out of cheese and has green men in it.

you’re right sorry

lol No problem. AND! I do have a few other options, as we speak Im downloading some game demos off steam, checking if I can rip something off. x3

Edit: blah~! No B2 bombers in any demos Ive downloaded lately. O,…,O